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Pool pumps repairs or replacement?

August 12, 2012

A swimming pool pump is an essential element. The objective of pool motors and pumps are to circulate the water from the swimming pool area by means of the filtration system and back too your pool. So it is important to have a pool water pump in order to make certain that your pool remains clear and sparkling when you really need to use it the most!
Hayward swimming pool pumps are definitely quite popular and is seen as one of the best pool pumps on the market. The following swimming pool pump motor is one of the most popular swimming pool pumps available today due to its low cost and heavy duty construction. Hayward pumps tend to last for many
years and when they stop working, consumers tend to exchange them with a second Hayward water pump again, the pump is therefore definitely seen as one of the best quality pool pumps on the market.
This specific water pump which is developed specifically for above ground pools (one of the pool pumps above ground, therefore).
It possesses a heavy-duty design and a strong electric motor. You will find there is a drain plug for easy maintenance and the transparent cover of the container makes sure that it is easy to see if the pump requires air bled or even if the container needs to be cleaned. It also is constructed from corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic material for all-weather performance although it is recommended that you safeguard the pump motor against really poor weather.
The extra large basket implies that it should take longer time between pool cleanings. Addititionally there is thermal overload protection to ensure that the pump switches off before any harm to the electric motor occurs.
Even though it is a fairly robust pump for its size, and runs at high speed (see below), everyone remarked on how quiet it was. It is also quite simple to install, most people seem to get it done in a couple of minutes to around thirty minutes.
One major benefit of the pump is its cost, particularly if purchased from the major internet shopping stores. It is just a great deal less expensive to order it online than at many major shops. It is definitely a tendency that swimming pool pumps for sale are cheaper on the Internet and makes more sense to rather replace the pump than trying to do pool pumps repairs or even to look for reconditioned pool pumps.
The cheap price, nonetheless, does have its own pricetag. A few of the negatives of the water pump are:
It arrives with a comparatively short power cord of only 6 feet. This does have the impact that a few swimming pool owners need to make provision for extending the electrical outlet to be closer to the pump than what the person might have had prior to this particular water pump.
The other serious issue would be that the pump doesn’t have an on-off switch.
Furthermore, the pump motor does not have a timer connected to it, so you may have to add your own timer. watch out for adding an electronic timer though since in the event the electricity fails, it will lose all itssettings. It is not easy to get timers which are not digital nowadays, but once again consider ordering one online that can do the trick.
Be aware that though it may be advertised that it features a self-priming 1-1/2 inch intake and discharge, once you actually obtain the pump and do the installation, the installation instructions point out that it is not actually self-priming.
The pump motor only has one speed, which is high, so just be conscious of this fact prior to making a purchasing final decision.
All in all the Hayward Powerflo LX pump motor is a great buy at the price and many people who reviewed the product on the web indicated that they would purchase it again. Hayward pool pumps are also available as swimming pool pumps in South Africa.

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