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What Amount Should You Pay For A Wedding Dress?

August 25, 2012

In contrast to an ordinary recreational top or a jacket, a bridal dress isn’t anything a lady will likely wear on any other occasion than the day of her nuptials. Even if she sports it again if she renews her wedding vows or presents it to the daughter to wear at her wedding ceremony, the chances are high that this is not a garment that’s ever going to be utilized a great deal.
In the fashion sector there is a concept which is typically known as the ‘cost per wear’ concept. In accordance with this theory, the first time you dress in a piece of clothing its cost-per-wear is exactly what you paid for it. Yet, the more frequently you are able to put on that very same garment the less it is going to cost you to wear it. To clarify this point let’s say, for instance, that you buy a blouse that costs 20 rand yet you put it on only twice because it falls apart after just 2 washes. In essence, it cost you ten rand every time you used that top. Then again, had the top not fallen to pieces and you were able to wear it twenty times then the ensuing cost-per-wear would have been one rand for every time you wore it. What we might extrapolate from this is that wedding dresses are exceedingly expensive garments because, considering they’re typically used a maximum of once, they possess a very high-per-wear percentage.
Moreover, besides their very high cost-per-wear proportion wedding dresses don’t, in most cases, come cheaply. This is usually because luxurious fabrics like silk and satin are utilized in addition to embellishments like lace, crystals and seed pearls which are typically not cheap to buy either. Then there is the cost of labour to sew the dress irrespective of whether you purchase it online, buy it from a wedding studio or get it made up to suit your needs from a sewing pattern.
You may, of course, decide to rent a wedding dress which may be less expensive than buying one but then you will have nothing to show for the cash you invested to rent it. A lot of brides believe that it is worth purchasing a wedding dress although they will most likely only wear it once due to the emotional value attached to wedding dresses. Other brides believe that you ought to be prepared to shell out if you want to look fantastic hence it’s impossible to put a price on a bridal dress. With regards to looking good on their Special Day, these ladies are prepared to go “all out” and invest a small fortune on a dress because the day of their nuptials is such a special event for them.
That being said, it is entirely possible to find a stunning wedding gown while functioning on a strict budget. You might need to look a little harder and pick your merchant a bit more carefully than you would if money wasn’t any object however it is usually worth the effort. After all, it’s what you look like in the bridal gown as you stroll down the aisle that’s significant not the amount you paid for it.
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