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Retaining Walls Found In Landscaping

August 26, 2012

Every time a new office park is built or a new home or a brand new estate of some type there’s some type of landscaping to be done. It is sometimes simple, in other cases it can get rather intricate with terraces and that type of thing. The more intricate kind of landscaping sometimes need a lot more expertise and will require some different techniques to do properly. If terraces aren’t done properly then they might just fall down and deteriorate.
A good thing to make use of if you are planning to be creating terraces as part of your landscaping project is a retaining wall. This will give the sides of the terrace something to lean against and will help to stop it from slipping as well as sliding onto the rest of your yard and becoming a hillock rather than a terrace. This is how it all works.
The retaining wall is made up of a number of bricks. The bricks are generally produced from cement and have a rounded side and a straight side. They’ll have a hollow in the middle. They really look a lot like a half circle of concrete. The base of the retaining wall will be a great deal further out as well as longer or wider than the top layer. It’s built in a pyramid style with each layer being somewhat further back as well as slightly shorter than the one below. The region within the retaining wall is filled with sand as well as rocks along with other fillers as the wall goes up. This provides the next layer with some thing to rest upon apart from the bricks below it. The height the wall would go to will depend on exactly how high you would like the terrace to be and how much space you’ve got.
The holes in the middle of the concrete bricks could be filled with dirt and plants can be planted in them to cover the wall and make it all appear much more great looking. The rest of the lawn can naturally slope upward round the edges of the retaining wall or steps can be laid in to the side of the wall to permit access to the top level if desired. The options are literally endless.
It is crucial that the retaining wall be set up properly however. If the bricks aren’t laid correctly or do not have adequate support the wall might crumble under the strain of keeping back all of the dirt behind it and you’ll end up with a big mess in your garden. If you’re not sure how it ought to be done it is better to obtain a professional landscaping team to come in and get the job done for you.
As you can tell, the retaining wall is actually a great invention and it opens up a lot of doors for innovative landscapers. It does need to be done right though or it will not look good nor will it be as durable as it ought to. Have fun with your landscaping and retaining walls however!
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