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Pave The Drive Way Appropriately The First Time

August 27, 2012

If you own a home then you likely have a drive way. You need to have a surface that individuals can drive on to arrive at your front door without having to drive over the grass as well as damage your lawn. That is what a drive way is for, however a driveway which has not been installed correctly can cause a lot of head aches and really does not look so great after a few years. A correctly installed driveway can look great so long as the house is looked after, a worthwhile investment in my personal opinion.
The first thing that needs to be done for driveway paving is the laying of the foundation. This isn’t exactly the same type of foundation as you would find in a house though. It’s usually a levelling off of the ground and a coating of sand for the paving bricks to bed down in. This needs to be done right because it is will wash away if the fine sand isn’t compacted properly and the ground needs to be level so the bricks will lie correctly.
Once that is done you need to actually lay the bricks. The generally idea is to lay all of them close together, as close as possible, so the weight of any vehicles which will travel over the bricks is distributed over as many bricks as possible. In the event that any brick starts to take strain as well as crack the actual bricks around it will have to bear some of the weight it may no longer take and thus will start to take strain too resulting in cracks and breakages in your front yard paving.
The bricks obviously can’t be laid too tightly because they are not totally uniform and there will be some spaces between the bricks. This is filled with fine sand. The sand is supposed to help to stop the underside layer of foundation from being swept away in rain. Over time it may start to look a lot like cement. In fact, some pavers will make use of cement powder rather than sand to make the bricks stick and last that much longer but if the job is performed properly this should not be necessary.
If you’re planning on getting your driveway paved you will want to make sure that you get this done right the first time around. You do not want to need to carry on doing repairs and maintenance on your drive way. Make sure that the actual paving contractors you employ to complete the job have a good reputation for doing the job properly and give them the time to get everything done right.
Your driveway is going to be the very first impression that individuals have of your house and you would like that impression to be a great one. A badly laid drive way never looks good and will not last as long as well laid driveway paving. Instead pay a bit more and ensure that the job is done right from the start. You will save yourself a large amount of trouble in the long run.
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