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Several Pointers Regarding Insurance Cover For Vintage Cars

August 27, 2012

Technological developments have induced the world we live in to grow to be an incredibly fast-paced rat race. Nowadays there’s hardly any opportunity to stop and smell the roses much less cultivate an appreciation for the paraphernailia of days gone by. Luckily, there are still a few folks around who attempt to try to retain items from years past and vintage motor vehicle enthusiasts are one such sort of individual.
Even though there is no stringent guideline with regards to how old a car has to be to be regarded as being ‘antique’, the basic rationale is that it ought to be a minimum of two decades old to be eligible. However, many of the antique automobiles that you see at classic automobile shows are noticeably old because they date back to the earlier part of the 1900s. It is not often you see one of these old girls on the road but when you do you can be sure that they’re covered by some kind of classic car insurance.
If you are fortunate enough to be the happy owner of an antique automobile then you will most probably know that it is not the same as having a late-model car in your garage. The emphasis with a vintage automobile is really on preservation and care as opposed to using it as a mode of transport and if you take it for a spin once per month it is likely to be a lot. This doesn’t mean you aren’t going take the time to insure it, though, merely that the insurance cover you do buy for your vintage automobile is going to be somewhat different to the coverage you have for the motor vehicle you use on a daily basis.
Even before you start looking for classic car insurance you should determine if the ancient car you’ve got is in fact a valuable automobile or if it is simply significantly older than average. Scarcity is one way to determine this because, as you will probably discover, the fact that an automobile is more than 25 years of age doesn’t automatically suggest that it’s a classic collectible.
Normal auto insurance plans tend to allow more than one automobile to be protected under the same plan. This can be wonderful if both you and your partner and maybe even kids still living under your roof possess cars because it may work out cheaper than insuring each car separately. However, if you own a classic car you really want to get independent coverage for it. The reason being mileage is usually factored into the price of the premiums on most motor insurance plans.
Classic automobiles aren’t usually driven very much, if at all, hence you do not need a policy that’s considering average mileage. In reality, classic car insurance plans are often less costly for this reason. If you do, in fact, make use of your vintage automobile for the purpose of, say, occasionally chauffeuring brides to wedding ceremonies, for example, then you may wish to acquire a plan where you only pay for the amount of kms you drive.
The abovementioned suggestions are just a few of the matters you need to consider when protecting your vintage automobile hence it’s wise to do your homework in this regard in order to ensure that you acquire the right kind of coverage at an affordable price.
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