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The Reason Why Car Insurance Discriminates On Gender

August 27, 2012

There are plenty of auto insurance companies out there. Just about Any person is able to get insurance coverage from a minumum of one of the companies. However, for some reason, car insurance for men is typically more costly than a policy for a woman with the exact same profile. There has to be a reason for this.
Of course, in the past men were regarded as a higher risk as they were the ones that drove to work every day and had to drive more and further than most women. Ladies were frequently restricted to working near to home or to working from home and looking after the children. This meant they were in most cases on the road less and so presented less of a risk to car insurance companies. Consequently car insurance for women had been cheaper than car insurance for men. This isn’t the situation any more however yet auto insurance companies still have a tendency to offer lower premiums to women than to guys.
Ladies nowadays often have just as much driving to do as the males do. They work the same jobs and also work exactly the same hours and are on the roads at the same high risk times as the men. The current rates are usually based more on psychological make-up than on the quantity of driving each gender does on average. It is this psychological difference that makes car insurance for women less expensive than auto insurance for men.
It has been established in psychological profiles that men tend to be more inclined to take more risks than ladies do. They will tend to take the smaller gap and therefore are more inclined to drive quicker as well as prefer the faster vehicles if they are given the option. Women on the other hand tend to drive slower and are much more hesitant to take a gap that does not appear to big quite large enough for their car. They also tend to drive bigger much more practical cars as well as prefer space and comfort over performance as they are still the parent that’s left transporting the kids. This does not mean that ladies tend to get into fewer accidents than men do however it does mean that the typical accident a lady will be involved in is going to be less severe than an accident a man will be involved in.
Of course, there are exceptions to each rule and there are lots of ladies out there which drive as carelessly as the typical man does and there are men that take a lot of care when driving. This is why there is now an increasing trend towards performance based auto insurance rates. Auto insurance companies will install a tracking device inside your car that gives them information about your driving habits and your premium is based on your individual driving routines. This means that if you are inclined to speed as well as jump red lights you will pay more on your own monthly premium than if you were to behave yourself. Nevertheless, for now, car insurance for women is still cheaper than car insurance for men.
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