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Information On Unity Candles

September 5, 2012

There’s a trend in the marriage ceremony to light some thing known as a unity candle. The pair will each light a candle and then will light a larger candle. This is supposed to represent the actual unity of the couple and the becoming one which the actual Christian Bible mentions. This practice has become really popular recently, particularly in ceremonies that are conducted within the traditional manner by a priest or even pastor of some type.
The concept of lighting unity candles is a brand new trend that is extremely popular around the globe, especially in the United States. The wedding couple each light a taper candle and then simultaneously touch the flame from their candle to the unity candle that’s at the centre of the ceremony table. The actual taper candles are typically lighted by a member of each family, usually the mothers of the couple. This is done at the beginning of the ceremony and the unity candle is lit towards the end of the ceremony after the vows have been said. The actual candles used in the actual wedding ceremony are almost always white, a really symbolic color in marriage ceremonies. Occasionally the unity candle is saved and couples will relight it on their wedding anniversary each year.
The concept behind the actual lighting of unity candles is fairly simple. It’s mean to symbolise the actual uniting of 2 families and the Christian concept of the newlyweds becoming one in the eyes of their Lord. The white color represents the purity of the union, just like the white bride’s gown is meant to symbolise the woman’s purity. In the event the candles are meant to symbolise the unity of the families the taper candles will be left lit. In the event the candles are intended to symbolise the unity of the groom and bride then the taper candles will be extinguished to show the end of their lives as separate people. Some couples choose to leave the actual taper candles lit to show that though they are joined they are still individuals with their own individuality.
No one is truly sure where this practice of lighting unity candles came from. It may be as old as 70 years or even as young as thirty years. Some Catholic churches do not let the lighting of unity candles in their wedding ceremonies as it is not part of the traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. It has not been clearly banned however, this is just the choice of the parish concerned.
There is a little bit of irony in the practice however. The divorce rate has never been higher as well as partnerships appear to be falling apart everywhere that you look. It seems that the lighting of unity candles can do little to stem the flow of our instant gratification society and the inclination of many marriages to end prior to the proverbial death of one of the partners. Perhaps though, the unity candle tradition will start to bring more awareness to the original aim of marriage, a lifelong joining of 2 individuals with the church bearing witness to the union before God.
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