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It May Be Retro, But It’s Fantastic

September 5, 2012

Even though we’ve mainly gone over to digital cameras it is still important for all of us to keep a few reminiscences in hard copy. You never know when your hard disk will crash and you lose all of the valuable moments. Not everyone really wants to keep pictures in hard copy, but it is really a wise decision.
A photo album is one thing which you can share and look at whenever you want. Before digital photography came along picture albums were the one thing to have. You kept all of your precious pictures, of which you will possibly not have lots of, in a safe place where you could take a look at them without even thinking about it. You didn’t need to turn on a computer or transfer the images from an SD card to your pc or something like that. All you needed to do was make sure that the images were in an album and then take the album out and have a good look at it.
It is true that you can load your own electronic photos onto a photograph frame with a bit of memory or a USB slot and have it play them for you, but this isn’t the same as having the ability to page through a picture album and spend time looking at one picture as well as remembering the day it was taken. There is just something different about having the real picture to look at as well as hold as well as smell that cannot be replaced by digital substitutes.
If you really want to remember all those special days whenever you took photos, then you really should ensure that you have a photo album or ten set up. It doesn’t cost much to have the photos you have taken with your camera printed and a photo album is one thing which will last a lifetime, maybe even be handed down from you to your kids and also to your grand kids. You will be able to remember special individuals and special times even after they’re gone. When you are no longer able to remember then your kids can tell you the tales that you told them and remind you.
Ideally the age of the photo album won’t ever come to an end. There is something special about being able to curl up with a book full of memories and to page through it reminiscing about the times depicted. Do not allow your photos to get corrupted and lost due to a hard drive which fails or gets a virus or something like that. Rather have hard copies of these truly special pictures that you want to keep and don’t forget for the rest of your life.
You may feel that getting hundreds of pictures makes up for not having a photo album, but it really doesn’t. Those few special pictures are much more valuable than hundreds of not so special pictures. Keep your memories alive for decades by making sure that you print the special pictures and keep them in a photo album or ten.
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