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Looking At Precisely Why Green Tea Leaves Are So Beneficial

September 5, 2012

Tea-drinking is a crucial part of Japanese society to the point that there’s even a ceremony surrounding it. A great deal of the tea used in Japan is green tea and there are several forms of it in existence. Powdered green leaf tea, called ‘matcha’ in Japanese, is often employed in the Japanese tea ceremony which is normally referred to as The Way of Tea.
Ironically, the matcha employed in this tea-making ceremony originally originated in China many, many years ago and was brought to The Japanese by a monk named Eisai in the last few years of the 1100s. Around the exact same time, Eisai wrote a manuscript named ‘Kissa Yojoki’ where he discussed the health benefits related to consuming green tea. The reputable name that green tea has got for supporting health persists today and there are additionally supplements being produced which contain green tea extract.
Although green leaf tea is made of the exact same leaves as conventional black tea types are, the first mentioned retains its anti-oxidant properties while the last mentioned don’t. The reason being black teas go through a fermentation procedure during manufacture that transforms the catechins in the leaves into various other substances. Catechins are powerful anti-oxidants that have got a good reputation for possessing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which have several health and other positive aspects. Obviously, the chemical compounds present in processed black tea varieties don’t have the same anti-oxidant capability as green tea does.
Because antioxidants like catechins are able to combat the disease mechanisms and ” free radicals ” that cause illness in the human body, they’ve acquired a reputation for being cancer and heart disease fighters. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial effect of green tea extract is thought to valuable not just in reducing the amount of microbes and inflammation in the body but as an organic way of preserving food products like fruit juices as well. Extract of green tea is even believed to help with weight loss as it is thought to possess the ability to increase the body’s metabolic rate which in turn assists by burning fat.
As you may have suspected, green tea extract has the same sort of benefits as teas brewed using green leaf tea only in a much more concentrated form. Because of this, some people like to utilize the extract of green leaf tea as opposed to ingesting it in the form of a tea beverage. What’s more, green tea as a drink tends to be fairly bitter and astringent to consume which certain individuals do not enjoy, making the extract the more desirable option for them to make use of.
Having said that, green tea extract should invariably be used in moderation and with a degree of care because it comes in a concentrated and pure form. What is more, pregnant women would do well to steer clear of ingesting green leaf tea in any way, shape or form because the EGCG catechin that is present in it could hinder the metabolism of folate and cause problems with foetal development. In either case, it is always a good idea to consult your physician first prior to using a supplement like this for whatever reason.
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