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Should You Use Water Filtration?

September 5, 2012

There are many countries in the world where it’s not safe for foreigners in order to drink the water which comes out of the taps. South Africa isn’t one of those countries yet lots of people appear to feel that they have to drink filtered water or bottled water to be safe. There are reasons why people feel this way however.
All of the companies that sell water filters like to make a point of telling people how many chemicals as well as hormones and all kinds of other unsavoury things escape the water purification procedure that has been put in place by the nation. A number of this information is accurate, however you do need to be sure to take it all with a grain of salt. It is usually blown out of proportion and made to appear a great deal worse than it really is. You have to remember that the company providing the information is doing so so that they can sell more water filters, not less.
On the other hand, utilizing a water filter on your taps is not always a bad idea. The water which comes from the municipality isn’t necessarily as pure as the drinking water that you can buy in bottle sin your supermarket. There will undoubtedly be some impurities within the water because it needs to go through pipes which run underground and may have little leakages in them which allow fertilizers and all types of other harmful particles into the water system following the water has gone through the water refinement procedure the municipality has in place. You truly do not necessarily want to expose your self and your loved ones to this type of pollution though the typical South African does not show any negative effects from consuming the water.
It is obvious that water filters have got a place in our society. They do purify the water that we drink from the taps a little more and eliminate a number of the impurities that we would otherwise consume. Nevertheless, the situation is not as serious as some advertising campaigns and information pamphlets will make it out to be. There isn’t any death flowing within the water systems of South Africa and the levels of impurities which come out of the water purification procedure that the country has in position are generally not of sufficient quantity to cause all of us any harm in the long run.
Anytime somebody tries to persuade you their product is best and that you have to have it in your house, pay attention to what they’re saying as well as do some of your own research. You need to be sure that the claims they make about what the water filters are meant to prevent are actually valid and not overstated. There is certainly absolutely no harm involved in utilizing water filters though. They do really improve the quality of the water that you get out of the taps. Don’t expect to have the ability to drink the equivalent of spring water though, the filtration system can only do so much!
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