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Several Details Concerning Extract Green Tea

September 7, 2012

Once in a while if you ask an older individual how they’re doing they’ll qualify their reply using the expression “at least I’ve got my health”. Sure, you might think being in good health is nothing remarkable when compared to a few other matters in life such as having children, for example. In saying that though, even though a healthy body is one thing we often ignore when we are young it may turn into an extremely important thing to be in possession of when we’re old.
Hereditary disease and selected other factors aside, one way to maintain a decent standard of health throughout your life and into your old age is to keep active physically. Eating a sensible diet that is high in nutritional value and reduced in processed foods is another as are getting enough sleep and keeping hydrated. You could also consider using vitamin products and other dietary supplements like extract green tea to improve your overall state of health.
A lot of people discover that they have trouble sticking with a healthy diet and lifestyle because of the sort of career they have. The vast majority of these people are folks who work in office buildings where they sit in front of a computer for hours at a time. Combine this with the hectic tempo of modern life and the daily pressures we all encounter and you have a formula for ill-health. What’s more, a lot of the foodstuffs eaten by folks dwelling in today’s modern world are highly processed and filled with fat, sugars and synthetic ingredients.
The Chinese people have already been consuming green tea for centuries as a way of aiding the digestive process and in general maintaining over-all good health. Green tea leaves, which are utilized to manufacture tea and products with extract green tea, are believed to have anti-bacterial qualities and can aid in fighting inflammation in the body. The reason being green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant substance that fights the free radicals in the human body which play a role in the development of health problems such as cancer and heart disease.
Regular black tea, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same health advantages as green leaf tea and extract green tea. The reason being the catechins present in freshly-picked tea leaves are transformed in the fermentation process used to produce black tea. Hence if you wish to benefit from the antioxidant properties of green tea leaves then you will need to either use this type of tea when you make a pot of tea or else take supplements formulated with extract green tea.
Another area where green tea extract is believed to be of benefit is in shedding unwanted kilos. Nowadays, there are weight loss products available on the market formulated with extract of green tea that reportedly functions by speeding up the human body’s metabolic rate thus enabling it to burn more calories. The benefit of using a natural weight reduction product like this is that it doesn’t possess a lot of the down sides of synthetic weight reduction products. In stating this, however, it should be remembered that the medical fraternity doesn’t essentially promote the usage of extract green tea, not just as a weight reduction product but as a nutritional supplement hence it may be wise to talk to your physician before using it.
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