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Which Tea Is Thought To Be The Most Beneficial To A Person’s Health?

September 7, 2012

Leaf tea is a popular drink in numerous societies around the world. The Chinese, for example, have already been enjoying their tea for thousands of years, particularly green leaf tea, which is thought to have several natural health benefits. The Japanese people, also, possess a very long practice of consuming tea and even have got a ritual surrounding it referred to as the Way of Tea.
Throughout Egypt, tea is regarded as the nation’s drink while the British have a bit of a name for as being a nation of tea drinkers with their Earl Grey and English breakfast teas and cucumber sarmies. On the other hand, the aforementioned British teas are in actual fact black teas, and when it comes to the health factor, green tea is regarded by many individuals to be the more beneficial type to drink. One reason for this is the fact that green teas contain catechins.
Despite the fact that the leaves employed to produce black tea are identical the ones employed to make green tea, which means that there’s catechins in the leaves, this substance is modified during the fermentation method involved in producing black teas. What essentially takes place is that oxidizing of the catechin substance in the leaves results in the creation of two other sorts of compound, thearubigins and theaflavins. Of the pair, only theaflavins act as anti-oxidants and they’re present in far lower amounts than the original catechins held on to by green tea types.
At this stage you may be wanting to know exactly what catechins really are and how they can be beneficial to your health. Exactly what a catechin is is a type of basic flavonoid which is a compound found within the class known as polyphenols. Although all polyphenols are considered to be good for a person’s overall health, the most beneficial from a health standpoint of all the compounds within this set are considered to be the flavonoids.
Flavonoids, and hence catechins, are powerful anti-oxidants that possess, among other things, an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial influence. Because catechins can be found in a variety of different types of plants, it is possible to absorb these by consuming veggies, fruits like grapes, for instance, and cocoa-based products like dark chocolate and also by drinking green leaf tea. However, because green tea contains quite a high number of flavonoids in general, it has acquired a reputation for possessing the capacity to help prevent illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Green tea also boasts a number of different kinds of catechins of which the catechin EGCG is the highest percentage and most beneficial health-wise. Some people do not especially like the flavor of green teas, and find them rather astringent in the mouth and a bit bitter. The distinctive taste is due to the fact that catechins happen to be tannic which may be the cause of the astringency. The flavour of green leaf tea likewise depends on the quality as well as how long it’s allowed to steep. Another factor impacting on flavor could be the age of the green tea leaves at the time of picking. As a general rule, buds and tender shoots picked early on tend to be sweeter than older leaves as EGCG levels decrease with leaf age.
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