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An HIV Postive Diagnosis – The Way Forward

February 26, 2013

One’s initial instinct after being told that they’re HIV positive might be to feel afraid regarding the long term future. Having said that, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the way it is. Although certain lifestyle modifications will probably be required, it is altogether feasible to have a joyful and fulfilled existence if you’re HIV positive.

Yet the diagnosis of HIV positive doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your life. Yes your life will transform but it doesn’t need to be the end. Back in 1993 the life span of someone with HIV was about seven years from the point of contamination, but now the life expectancy is about 24 years and is constantly on the rise as better health care is supplied as well as more information and facts on how to keep the virus at bay.

A great deal more researching has gone into the control and elimination of HIV, and despite the fact that there’s not yet a known cure, research has resulted in the delay of the disease. The medical profession, government, nonprofit enterprises in addition to people are more educated about the virus than ever before.

If you have been diagnosed as HIV positive it is very important to understand that before you start making the necessary modifications you have to establish a healthy way of thinking. The grieving period of time is natural and necessary but don’t become despairing as it will only decrease your odds of living a full and productive life. A healthy positive mind-set is necessary in managing this disease and without one all other efforts will fail.

When you start educating yourself on HIV and AIDS you will begin to see that there are many practices which you can partake in to help yourself and that the future can indeed look bright. There are quite a few sources of information out there, but the very first person you should contact is your medical professional. Your health practitioner will be able to offer you the information needed, as well as refer you to the appropriate establishments to get in-depth information and support.

It is also for your medical professional to choose whether you need anti-retrovirals or not. There are numerous sources of information about HIV/AIDs, both from government and non government organizations.

Once you have been educated about how to deal with the disease you need to take full accountability for your health. You need to take medication if it has been prescribed.

You will need to change your diet and eat foods which boost your defense mechanisms, and not eat foods which are harmful to your well being. You’ll also need to exercise and maintain all round health and fitness. Physical exercise is very important to keep a healthy body and mind.

You’ll discover many support groups for individuals who are HIV positive it is very helpful to join a group so that you will understand that you are not by yourself in this and that you can have an establishment of refuge in those challenging moments of your journey.

Don’t forget that there is life after being diagnosed as HIV positive.

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